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Prince George, BC


Located in Prince George, BC, we are a small woodworking shop that focuses on using blue pine, otherwise known as beetle kill wood, to create specialty wood products. We have been in business since 1990 and have been located in Prince George since 1993. With the support of BC businesses we have been busy enough to create some steady part time jobs for folks in our area who are passionate about woodworking. We have substantially invested in modern woodworking machinery and spray finishing equipment and continually strive for better quality fits and finishes. All assembly is done by hand. Though we specialize in working with blue pine, we also regularly create items using birch, cedar, juniper, mahogany, maple, walnut, and other types of wood to meet our customers needs. We regularly make cremation urns, wine boxes, plaques, name tags, door signs, and many other wood items.

Blue Pine Woodware was started by Doug and Betty Plato in 1990 and specializes in creating a wide variety of products for the wine and funeral industry as well as gift shops, local tourism, and government offices. Every effort is made to use high quality wood from local communities when possible. There are several things that Blue Pine Woodware does to ensure that our products are consistently high quality, including advanced machinery which is kept in very good condition, as well as employing people who are detail oriented and passionate about wood working. Because we use only solid woods for our products, no two pieces are quite the same. We use only clear finishes so that that natural pattern of wood grain shows through, with hand sanding in between coats. We can create boxes and urns with either sliding lids, screw onbottoms, or hardware.